4" 2hrs. Fire-Rated LED Dedicated New Construction IC Air-Tight Housing

4" New Construction Recessed Housing
• Fire Rated Enclosure.
• New Specification Grade, Fire Rated New Construction Recessed Downlight. Housing Designed To Meet Strict Fire Safety Codes In
• Commercial, Residential Applications.
• UL Listed
• The double wall fixture incorporates a non-combustible fiber insulation to prevent passage of flames.
• The Ceiling Plenums. Rated For 2-Hour Protection.
• Extra Insulation Provided Between Ceiling And Fire Box.
• In Addition, The non-combustible fiber fill also acts as sound-deadening material, eliminating the transfer of sound between floors/improving acoustics.
• Suitable for commercial and residential applications.
• Features:
• UL Listed Certified 1Hr To 2Hr Fire Rated
• ASTM-E283 Airtight Rated Enclosure
• Applicable For IC And Non-IC Rated Ceiling
• LED Quick Connect Provided
• Extend Up To 24 1/2" Bar Hangers With Captive Nails
• Can be Used In Standard Applications As Sound Dampening
• Enclosure Between Floors.
• 8" X 5 1/2" Frame Profile For Easy Compact Installation

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